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Hi, my name is Kaylee!   I am a good girl that has had a bit of a hard life.  When I was brought into PAST Rescue, I had been at Animal Control for several days and I had a really sore face.  They didn't know what exactly had happened to me but it was said that I looked like that I had been a bait dog but it was only my face that had any injuries.   I am told I am a very pretty girl.  I love to snuggle and lay on your feet!   I am working on my house manners and am very food driven.  I am looking for a home all to myself as I would be best in a 1 dog home.  I do okay with male dogs if introduced right!   Please no cats!  I get a little too excited around them and sometimes like to chase.  I love to be outside and able to run!  Do you have any room on your couch for me?  

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