Past Rescue

I want to play some more! 

August 11, 2015 

I was on a billboard! 

Being treated for Parvo

I am very sad today.  I have heard that my mommy, Sasha, has went to the rainbow bridge to be with my brother Copper.  She was an amazing mom!   She took such good care of us when we were sick.  Mamma had a very hard life until she want brought into rescue.  She had been a back yard breeding dog and had many many MANY litters of us. Her ears had been cut off probably by a pair of scissors (we think) and were horribly infected.  Even going through all of that, she was a happy girl and loved everyone!  Once in rescue, she had to learn how to be a dog.  She got to learn what it was to have a toy and love and to be in a house.  She even got her very own forever home with 2 wonderful people, Michelle and Brian!   And boy oh boy did they LOVE her!!!!   They treated her like a queen.  
It was found out a few months ago that she had what was called K9 Lymphoma.   Michelle and Brian did everything that they could for her, even taking her to a few different doctors and tried a few different treatments.  But it didn't work.  The day after Thanksgiving, surrounded by her family and so much love, Mamma Sasha went to the Bridge.  
If everyone could please send a prayer to both my Mamma Sasha and to her family and friends, I would really appreciate it!   
Mommy, I love you so much and I will miss you!   Please tell Brother Copper that I can't wait to play with him again at the bridge!   Run Free! 

"Please can I get a kitty??? PLEASE?!?!?!?! "

This was when me and my sister were so sick.  Mamma Sasha would not leave our sides.  When we would get our treatments and shots and would cry she would be so upset.  She did everything that she could to make us better. 

Hey everyone... Guess what..... TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I am 1 year old today!   Who knew that the tiny, scrawny, little sick puppy that I was would have grown into the handsome TANK that I am today!   My Mommy woke me up singing the Happy Birthday song!   (I tried really hard not to cover my ears)!   
Mommy had to work all day today so I slept most of the day like usual.  But when she got home, she gave me my birthday present!  I get a new HEDGIE!!!!!  It lasted about 45 seconds before I got the squeeky out!   
I want to wish all of my brothers and sisters (Zoey, Maggie, Blue, Zelda, and Onyx) a happy birthday too!  I hope you guys had just as great of a birthday as I did! 

Its a Hamster! 

Meeting the kitties! 

She was the most beautiful mom in the world.  We will miss you mommy! 

Me and my sister Crystal (who is now Maggie

This is me now.

November 30, 2015

Guess what everyone.....  it SNOWED tonight!!!!!  I LOVE snow!   Mommy took me shopping to Petsmart to get me more new sweaters!   I really don't like to be cold when I play in the snow!   I even got to wear my new coat that she got me last week!  Don't I look handsome?!?!?  
I got to see all sorts of cool things tonight!   I got to meet a hamster!!!!!! And we got to play!   Well, he didn't get to come out of his cage to play, but we ran back and forth in front of his cage.  That was a lot of fun!   Then I got to meet some guinea pigs and mice!  The guinea pigs were a lot bigger than the mice were.  And the mice were running in this big wheel thing.  I think it looked like a lot of fun...I wonder if mommy could get me one of those.
I also got to see some fish and birds!  The birds looked different than the ones that I see flying outside.  These guys were blue and green and yellow!  So pretty.  I think i scared them though.  They all flew up to the top of their cages and were squaking at me.  
And then, I got to meet some kitties!!!!!!  I really liked them.  I begged mommy to let me take one home to live with us.  I even looked at a litter box (thats where mommy told me they go potty. I don't get it. I am suppose to potty outside, why don't kitties? ) I also looked at kitty food and toys.  But mommy still told me no that I couldn't have a kitty.  She said that my big brothers would eat it.  (stupid big brothers).
Then to make me feel a little better about not getting a kitty, mom took me over to look at toys.  And did you know that PetsMart has a HUGE HEDGIE?!?!?!?!?!?!?  IT WAS THE SIZE OF MY HEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   But I didn't get it. :(   Mommy said that I would have to wait until my birthday because it cost too much.  Whatever... 
I was such a good boy at the store that the lady at the register told me I was so pretty and gave me some cookies! I LOVE cookies! 
So now I have a some new sweaters, no giant hedgie and no kitties...  I guess it was a good trip.  At least I got cookies!   I hope everyone stays safe and warm in this crazy winter weather.  And please remember to bring in all of your pets when it is this cold.  We don't like to be cold just like you don't!   Love you guys!  
And stay tuned !  I have a really exciting new adventure coming up to share with you guys soon! 

The day I went to the hospital

January 19th, 2016

​​I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Baby Jasper.  Yeah, I know that I won't be a baby forever, but don't tell my mommy that!   I am an American Bully.  I was born on Aug 11, 2014.  
My mom, Sasha,  had been a back yard breeder dog for her entire life and when those mean people thought that her breeding days were done, they left her at a local animal control.  She was very scared, but anytime anyone would go up to her cage, she held her head proud and high and wagged her tail as fast as she could!   She had a secret to hide and protect!   Before too long she was taken away from that place and went to what is called a foster home!  There she began to learn what it was like to be a dog!   She always had a full belly and toys to play with.  She had never even seen a toy before!   After several weeks, she was becoming more and more comfortable with everyone and everything around her.  But her foster mom was getting a little concerned.  My mom was getting a little heavy around the middle.  She wondered if maybe my mom was expecting.  Well, the secret wasn't hidden very much longer after that.  It was only 2 days later when the fosters parents were awakened by everyone else in the houses barking.  It was 5 am on Aug 11, 2014.  There were already 4 of us puppies born!   Wow!  What a surprise!   By the end of the morning, 9 of us had been born!   I had a sibling that was born asleep and another that passed over the rainbow bridge the next day.  But the rest of us did great!   I was the smallest of the bunch.  They called me the runt!  Some people even said I looked a little funny. ​
As the time passed we all got a little bigger and stronger.  Just 1 day before we turned 3 weeks old, there was a house fire at our fosters house.  They were not home when the fire started.  It was so scary!   But Mama Sasha was not afraid!   My mom was so brave!  She saved each and everyone of my brothers and sisters and me!   When the firefighters showed up just minutes after the fire started, they said that we got really lucky!   From there we went to another foster home.  We had our own room along with our mom.  We were growing very fast and learning how to walk and run and play!  I was a little slower than everyone else.  My new foster mom was a little worried when I was learning how to run.  I would run sideways.  When we were 4 weeks old we went and saw a doctor for the first time.  She looked over each one of us and Mama Sasha too to make sure that we were all healthy.  I had 3 siblings that were HUGE!   They were jokingly called Gigantor 1, 2 and 3.  Then we had my sisters Crystal and Opal.  They looked very different than the rest of us.  Crystal was all black with a white stripe and Opal was all white with a black butt!   Then you had me and my brother Copper.  The doctor said she was a little worried about us.  We were much smaller than everyone else.  She looked at Copper first.  She said he had what was called Parrot Mouth.  It could make it very hard for him to eat and drink anything.  Then she looked at me.  She did everything that a doctor should do.  She checked my eyes, ears, lungs, and heart.  Then she started really feeling my head.  Then she wanted me to run and walk.  She told my mom that I had some neurological problems.  She told her that I would be special for the rest of my life.  And she also told my mom that I had some spots on my head that were very soft and she would have to watch me very closely when I would play because if I hit my head just right, it could kill me.  
That just made my foster mom love me even more.  
As time when on we all grew.  Some of us faster than others.  But me and Copper stayed much smaller than everyone else.  Right after Halloween in 2014 my brother Copper started not feeling well.  My foster mommy had already had me, him and our sister Crystal away from all of the bigger puppies because they liked to try to steal all of the food!   So Copper was taken away from me and Crystal so that they could keep a very close eye on him.  The next day Copper was very sick.  My foster mommy and daddy took him to see the doctors at the hospital to get better.  There they told them that they needed to admit him into the hospital to give him medicines and run some tests.  Within a few hours, the doctor called and said that they wanted mommy and daddy to come back up to talk about the tests.  Before they went back up there, both me and Crystal started not feeling well too.  So we went with them to the hospital.  While we were there, they ran some tests on us.  The doctors told mommy and daddy that Copper was very VERY sick and his lab tests did not come back good.  They were very worried.  When they were talking about the labs, my test and Crystals tests came back too.  They said that we had Parvo and giardia.  We were both very sick and just didn't know it yet.  The vet taught my mom how to give us medicines at home to keep us from getting as bad as our brother.  That was no fun!   We got to go home with mom and dad but Copper had to stay there.  My foster mom and real mom Sasha stayed up with us all night.  First thing in the morning my foster mommy went up to the hospital to see Copper.  When she got there, they told her that he had passed away in the night.  She was very sad!   She vowed right then and there to fight for both me and Crystal to get better.  She had to give us fluids several times a day through an iv line in our backs.  She also had to give us 2 different kinds of shots that hurt a lot and made us eat a really icky medicine.  After 2 more days of being home, our foster mommy didn't feel like we were getting better like we should.  So she called the doggy hospital and took us in.  We both had to stay there for what seemed like a very long time.  I got very sick!   The doctors did everything that they could for us but it was up to me to be able to stay strong and fight.  My foster mommy came up to the hospital several times a day to see us.  I would be so happy to see her, but most of the time I was too weak to even wag my tail!   My mommy cried a lot when she would come up to see me.  
After just 3 days, Crystal was ready to come home!  My mommy came to pick her up and to see me.  She cried when she had to leave me there.  It was then that she was told by the doctor that they didn't know if I would make it.  My mommy prayed over me asking to make me better.  It was still several days that I would stay in the hospital fighting to get better.  I was in the hospital over a week when the phone call was made that I could go home!  I was so excited and so was my mommy and daddy!  I even got to sleep on the couch with them the night I came home!  
Since then I have gotten a lot of love and I have really grown! I am also very healthy now!  I still have a hard time sometimes learning new things.  I try really hard to please my mommy and daddy.  My foster mommy told me the day that I came home from the hospital that I was no longer a "foster" dog.  I was in my forever home!   I have not left since then.  My mom and dad both love me very much even with all of my hurdles in learning.  My dad tells me that I am spoiled and that I do no wrong in my mom's eyes.  My mom just tells me that I am loved a lot!   So now that you know my story, I will be posting more and more here and I hope that you follow me on all of my adventures!