Past Rescue

Foster Parents are a very important part of Past Rescue! They give pets a safe haven by opening their hearts & their homes to them so they may be rescued.

Fostering is like having a pet! Foster Parents take care of the dog (or cat) and teach them how to be a pet in a happy, stable home. They learn to socialize with your pets & kids, some may need to learn how to walk properly on a leash, behave nicely in public or come when called. Dogs are more adoptable when they're house trained & crate trained and know how to follow basic commands such as Sit, Stay & Down so we always encourage training in those areas. And, most Foster Pets love playtime, snuggle fests, yummy treats, toys and a lot of love & attention! Just like your own pet!

Past Rescue covers all veterinary costs and provides monthly Heartworm & Flea/Tick Preventatives. We will also provide basic necessities such as crates, bowls, collars, leashes and food, if needed.

We require all of our Foster Parents to fill out an Application and receive a Home Check and Veterinary Check. A fenced-in yard is not required but daily walks or exercise is necessary to keep them calm, happy & healthy.

All Foster Pets must attend at least one Adoption Event a month and be taken to scheduled Veterinary appointments. Transportation can be arranged, if needed. We would like Foster Parents to attend Meet & Greets, which is when the Foster Pet meets a Potential Adopter.

We have a Group on Facebook where you can ask questions and get advice from other Foster Parents, share photos of your Foster Pets and it's a great place for support! We also have a Group for Forever Families, so we can keep in touch with most pets' new families, get updates on the dogs & cats and enjoy the photos they share. It's such a great feeling to know that a dog or cat you cared for is thriving in it's new home!!

There are many rewards that come with Fostering! Moments such as a Foster Dog running over to you when you come home from work, excited to see you, tail wagging wildly or the sweet feeling of holding a soft, sleepy puppy as it falls asleep in your arms. There are moments that will make your heart smile, like when a shy dog you've been working with eagerly greets a stranger as will taking care of a loving but very tired Momma dog after she's finished weaning her puppies. Favorite moments that really touches our hearts are when a dog or cat finds the perfect Forever Family!

If you'd like to become a member of our Foster Team, please fill out an application below. You will be contacted by our Foster Coordinator Elizabeth K. within two days and you'll start the process to become a Foster Parent for Past Rescue!

Join Our Foster Team!!